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Connect Mothers Together

Connect Mothers Together

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Empowerment and Training

Empowerment and Training

Prayers, Support

Prayers, Support

Our Mission
Our Mission


Who Are We

Mothers on a Mission (MOM) is a non-denominational charity organisation who aims to connect mothers together irrespective of their race, colour, religion or social status.

Our Mission

To connect mothers, to share with each other, bearing one another’s burden as well as working together for all children and youth of Ireland.

Our Team

Members of our team include the Regional Mother of RCCG as well as various ministers and MOTHERS who share the same faith.

Our History

MOM  started in 2009 with the aim of reaching out to women and children in our locality through various programmes, activities and fundraising events.

Start A Group

We encourage and support MOM members who are keen on starting a group, adopting an estate or school, or hosting a MOM centre. To get started please read the Guidelines For Members and register by clicking one of the buttons below.



  • •   Our aim for these guidelines is to communicate values of mothers on a mission to all members and the leaders of each sectional group and also to be aware of expectations for how things are done.
  • •   We want to keep the values of mothers on a mission in compliance with legislation and to provide protection for members.
  • •   It is necessary to document and implement practices appropriate for the running of mothers on a mission.
  • •    The guidelines will provide support and transparency for members.
  • •    It will help to manage activities in each centre in order to be consistent and to have same standard at all locations.


  • •    It is the responsibilities of RCCG Ireland and Mothers on a mission Ireland to maintain order and monitor each group in all locations as to compliance with guidelines of operations either opening a MOM centre, adopt a School or Adopt an estate.
  • •    There are consequences for noncompliance with guidelines, the leader of such group could be changed or removed

Code of Conduct

  • •    The love of Jesus Christ is our code of conduct, we are to love each other as Christ loved the church.
  • •    Members and leaders are expected to respect each other and respect the laws of the land in every location.
  • •    Each member must act in the best interests of mothers on a mission Ireland.
  • •    Members must avoid conflict between personal interests, or the interests of any person.
  • •    All information must be treated as confidential especially during prayers and no improper use of access to members information.

 Hours of Operations

  • •    Each centre is expected to meet at the minimum of one hour per month, each centre can choose a day that suits its members, either once a month or weekly but each meeting must not be more than an hour.
  • •    It is expected that the leader of each location will send a monthly report to Pastor Mrs Adebayo Oke who is the leader of MOM Ireland.
  • •    The report will include the number of attendees, new members, testimony, and any concern from the centre.


Thanksgiving                     10 Minutes

Praise &Worship              10 Minutes

Prayer of Mercy               05 Minutes

Intercession                     25 Minutes

Prayer for the Nation      05 Minutes

Thanksgiving                     05 Minutes

TOTAL                                 60 Minutes

***Prayer points will be online on the website every month.

Join A Group

We at MOM Ireland have developed different groups to meet each family needs. We know that every family is unique, and so we trust God for a family-centred way to bring about better lives for parents and children through prayers, support, empowerment and training. The plan is for MOM teams to visit designated locations, Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Louth, Longford etc to provide support, training and empowerment. We have also partnered with some organisations to achieve our goals.

We offer counselling, to enable us to talk through feelings about what we are going through in a supportive and non-judgemental way. Our counsellors are there to really listen to you; to hear what you have to say and to help you explore the thoughts and feelings behind your words. Our counsellors are specialists and believers. We strongly believe getting help is really important.


Here are the available groups.
We trust God for divine expansion to meet each individual family needs as we progress in Jesus name.

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